justice, not a scalp

Today is a day to let better writers speak for me. I'll simply second everything Ta-Nahisi Coates has to say here:

What I know is that I care much more about him being charged, then I do about him being convicted. What always rankled about this case wasn't that Zimmerman might not see a jail cell (that's what judges and juries determine) but that law enforcement had done everything to foreclose that possibility. We may find that they still have. I imagine a lot was lost in bungling. But at the very least this says, "We take the loss of life seriously."
Yup. As I mentioned already, the surveillance video is damaging for Mr. Zimmerman. But it is damning for the cops.

If Zimmerman is innocent, I sincerely hope the judicial process bears that out. And if cops covered this up, I hope they find their way to the defendant's table as well.

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