Listening to the post-NH speeches in the way home last night I couldn't help but be struck by one thing: Ron Paul is clearly having the time of his life. He doesn't even talk about himself, his opponents, or the president. He talks about ideas. Seriously, when was the last time you heard the phrase "intellectual revolution" coming from a American politician? (I'll help you out: never.) It's pretty fun to watch.

And it stands in such stark contrast to Mitt Romney's denunciation of the president that finished the mission in Iraq, killed bin Laden, and (arguably) dodged a double-dip recession (if not worse) as a "failed president".

Mr. Romney's current fixation on Europe borders on the bizarre. To hear him talk, you'd never know that unemployment in Germany is at an enviable 5.5%, that France has the the best health care in the world, or that Denmark has a higher per capita GDP than the US.

Facts are stubborn things, a wise man once said.

I don't know if Mr. Romney actually believes any of the shit he's saying, though I guess if you believe that Jesus came to America and a 19th century charlatan translated the word of God from a language that's never been independently identified into something that sounds suspiciously like 17th century English with the assistance of a couple of rocks in a hat, then I guess believing that western Europe is a third-world hellhole isn't much of a stretch.


Gino said...

i dont think you find another politician from either party who actually believes half the shit he saying, cept for Ron Paul.

Brian said...

Fair enough.

RW said...

Paul does his share of anti-libertarian pandering. Just check out his internet tough guy routine about immigration...


The guy's a poser and the candidacy is hopeless. If he believes half the shit he's saying, then he's as big a prick as anybody else. Certainly not less.

Obviously I've been away too long. You guys have gone off the deep end.

Brian said...

Bob, don't misunderstand me. I'm enjoying watching Ron Paul (more, I'm enjoying watching him give the GOP fits) but I still don't think he'd be a very good president. I just dislike him a lot less than I dislike everyone else in the field.

Gino said...

i only said half the shit, didnt I?
that still allows the other half for pandering.