to review

For Republican voters*: ideologically ambiguous Mormon Republican > Republican who asks his wife for an open marriage to further his career >>> Christian Democrat** who's been married (and as far as we know, faithful) to the same woman for 19 years, because he lacks the character to hold the job he has done for the last 3.

Good to know.

*Most Republican voters haven't actually voted yet. Prove me wrong. (Please, prove me wrong!)
**Not this kind.


Gino said...

it shows that the christian fanatical wing isnt what everybody likes to think it is.

Brian said...

You mean that they are Republicans first, Christians second?

That probably sounds more glib than I mean it to. It's not that *I* expect people to vote down sectarian lines, but rather that an awful lot of self-proclaimed Christian conservatives talk like *they* do ("I want a candidate that reflects my values").

Hey, maybe this just means the right is becoming more religiously tolerant. I wish there was a Muslim Republican in the race. That'd be interesting.

Gino said...

most of what qualifies as 'value voters' to the media are actually fairly pragmatic, and understand the issues pretty well.
its the morons who only pay attention every 4yrs that are the problem.

and you be shocked to know how many are tolerant of SSM. they may not be *for* it, but arent really against it, either.