still alive

I'm just working around 14-15 hours a day, 7 days a week, trying to get the government to give me some of your hard-earned tax dollars. I haven't had a day completely off of work since before Christmas (and yes, that includes all the holidays.)

I hope you take consolation in the fact that should this project of mine get funded, it will not have come easily.

More later. 


Gino said...

so you're gonna miss the state of the union speech?

what are trying to fund?

Brian said...

I'll get the highlights.

I can't really get into the science (in my interest to keep that under wraps) but it has to do with stroke.

It would pay my salary for 5 years, and part of three other people's, and create a new position for a lucky postdoc, if I can find one. (I am trying to create a job!) Also, lots of science, which is rather expensive.

Gino said...

good luck.

but i'd rather you were working on restoration of the vagus nerve.

and if it goes through, you'll be staying in seattle for at least 5 more years i take it.

Brian said...

Trust me, you want someone who understands neurons better than I do working on the vagus nerve. I'm a blood vessel guy.

If it goes through, yes I would likely have secure employment in Seattle for a while. However, moving the award to another institution is not out of the question; that's not my intention, but the fact is that I am in a non-tenure track position that I cannot hold for more than 6 years (starting last year). So I have to go eventually, or get a tenure-track job with my current employer.