I don't do the beerblogging thing anymore, really, but I have to announce that I have--after 10+ of working at it--made a really good IPA. Floral on the nose, perfectly balanced citrus and caramel on the palate, with a crisp finish and a nice lacy head that clings all the way down. Perfect color and damn near clear (though a couple of bottles do seem to have a stray bit of hop from dry-hopping.) Not a tannin in sight.

Also in the bottle: a porter, and a kölsh getting bottled today. And a Belgian-y Frankenstein of beer pieced together from leftover ingredients and some yeast cultures I had sort of forgotten about that may have some fruit added to it at some point is in the secondary.


marsha said...

Indeed! That IPA is DELICIOUS. I plan to drink my fair share :)

Caroline said...

YUM! I would love to try it. I adore IPAs and have to say I am happy about living in Ohio for one reason: we are at the crossroads of many IPA distributors. I couldn't get any good IPAs in Hawaii. I enjoy the Dogfish Head 60 or 90 min, but it makes me loopy it is sooo strong. What do you think your alcohol % is?

Brian said...

I believe they are about 6% and 9%, respectively. Mine is 6.2%

Do you get Bell's Two-Hearted in Ohio? (I would think you should being as it's from Michigan.) Try some, if you can.

Caroline said...

I'll look for it. Thanks for the recommendation.