taqueria lopez is closed

So it appeared when we tried to eat there last night, and their webpage confirms it. This must have occurred very recently; while we were there (waiting for the people we were meeting for dinner), at least half a dozen cars pulled up that hadn't gotten word yet, either.

Does anyone know what happened? They seemed to be doing a pretty brisk business to me...

This is a tremendous loss for good, affordable food in the Bull City.

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Joanna said...

I was there a day or so before they'd officially decided to close last week. My friend and I overhead the new owner telling his friend that he was going to shut down for about a month and then either open up with a new name in the same location, or a completely differently name and location. He also mentioned that he was going to be adding in more Puerto Rican food in whatever location he opens up next. Unfortunately, the past two times I was there under this new management, the quality of the food had gone disappointingly downhill. Hopefully whatever restaurant he opens up will have a renewed vitality, food-wise.