happy new year

7:30 pm on New Year's day, and the cobwebs are just now starting to lift. Yes, we had fun last night.

M and I went to the 80's-themed party at Bull McCabe's. In keeping with my long-standing ambivalence towards mainstream 80's music, I went the hair metal route. (Zebra print spandex is disturbingly comfortable.) M wore her Motley Crue shirt and crimped her hair.

The Bull was pleasantly crowded...we headed down the street around 11 to catch the Wusses at the Pinhook. The 'hook, unfortunately (for us, not them) was unpleasantly crowded, so we didn't stick around, and rung in '09 back at the Bull. Then we finished the night at a party in our neighborhood.

Today my big project was going to Bojangle's for biscuits, followed by a viewing of 4 straight episodes of Battlestar Galactica (thanks, sis!) Then a nap.

I'm not feeling particularly reflective today. I know '08 sucked for a lot of people for a lot of reasons. For us, it finished a hell of a lot better than it started, so I really can't complain. You've got to get the good stuff when and where you can, you know?

Here's hoping your 2009 is healthy, enriching, and prosperous.

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Gino said...

you could have just donned tshirt and jeans,shaved your head and pretended to not give a fuck what anybody else thinks.

ya know, a little more Black Flag, a little less Night Ranger.

dude, you would sooo have loved the early 80's.