random thoughts from my time shirking work today

--A nod to science and a non-condescending acknowledgment of the existence of non-believers in this country--pretty much the highlights for me of an otherwise (surprisingly) dull speech by the new Orator in Chief.

--I don't care who you voted for, this shit is creepy.

--Mr. Bush looked relieved. So am I.

--The crowd booing Mr. Bush was kind of tacky. But I can't honestly say if I'd been there I would have done any differently.

--This is certainly the first inauguration in my lifetime that didn't have carefully chosen people of color conspicuously placed behind the president from the TV camera's perspective. Change we can believe in, people.

--Rick Warren is a giant douchebag. It wasn't enough to invoke "Jesus", he had to make a ham-handed production out of it. He truly is an excellent representative of evangelical Christianity--in all its tedious, inane, superficial, mushy-headed glory.

--Rev. Lowery, on the other hand, was delightful.


chris said...

I disagree with point #5. I think the white person was meticulously placed.

Gino said...

rick warren is a southern baptist minister. what'd you expect? xenu?

i wasnt sure what lowery was talking about he got to insulting white people. what an asshat.