your (and my) vietblogging fix for now

I am buried under a grant application at the moment, so I am just going to post a few of my favorite pictures. All of these (except one) were taken by my beautiful and talented wife. If you want to see the less filtered albums on flickr, let me know (there are a few hundred more shots).

BTW, half of our photos were taken during our three days in Cambodia. Those will get a post of their own...


The Temple of Literature, Hanoi

Sunrise, Ha Long Bay (one of the few pictures I took)

Elsewhere in Ha Long Bay

If you're wondering what he's looking at...

She had a lot of "medicine" for sale, presumably.

Our view in Hoi An

Me, working on a sunburn in Hoi An

Bicycles rented for $0.60 each, with no paperwork...

Preparation for New Years (I think)

One of many smiling faces in Hoi An

Bikes are used for all sorts of things in HCMC...

The view from our favorite perch in Ben Thanh Market

Christmas evening, Saigon (this one's going on the wall)


Marsosudiro said...

Thanks for great pix -- impossible to pic a fave though I am leaning toward the motorcycle shot.

And thanks for saying "grant application" instead of "grant". It's one of my pet peeves when people tell me they're "writing a grant" when they're actually writing an application. (It's right up there with people saying "NPR" to refer to all public radio.)

Gino said...

good luck with the ap.

cool pics.
need more.