...plus i got depression

I'm trying to decide what the most depressing thing I've read today is. It's a tossup between this:

Most of the commentary is focused on [Obama nominees Leon Panetta and Dawn Johnsen's] opposition to torture. Again, that is great news. However, I can remember a time when opposition to torture would have been a no-brainer. Now it’s apparently a bold stance...I wonder how much can be repaired in a country where opposition to torture is bold.

and this, which claims that the only jobs better than the one I currently have are mathematician, actuary, and statistician.

Maybe it's just the weather talking. Dark, rainy and cold tends to amplify the worst tendencies of my personality.


Gym time. Need endorphins.

(headline explained here)


Gino said...

snap out it already and get back to posting about vietnam.

your minion awaits.

Brian said...

If I can't engage in some self-indulgent wallowing periodically on my own blog, well, then...

(Posting will resume soon. But it's kind of low-priority these days relative to some other stuff. Your interest, as always, is appreciated.)

--The Mgt.